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"It has sure been a while
Since Loona walked the sand
that she ran a breathtaking mile
Across the Pacific land"

        The times when we photographed moments for the sheer pleasure of freezing memories for eternity sounds like ancient history to us. With the advent of Social Networking, the virtual life that many people think they live, have taken over our real lives. The boundary sepearting the two is thinner than a gossamer thread, yet the impact on our lives is huge. The need to tell the world our every move has increased a thousand fold and all of us feel like we are celebrities living a public life. Each one of us know deep within how ridiculously boring and stupid it is to listen to someone saying "Hey all!!! I just kicked a bear in it's shin and drank octopus blood" But suddenly when it is on someone's wall, it receives a hundred likes and a million comments ranging from "LOL!! I almost killed my neighbour's dog laughing" to "You dork!! So you... " . The asinine poster makes it a point to check his noticification every nano second after having congratulated himself to have come up with the best of all wisdom in the world. Seriously where are we headed to?
        While our world opens everyday to a dichromatic elctronic page lacking any emotional content, we sit and think our a** off to come up with some gnarled status message which makes sense to a 'esoteric' few while the others, whose curiosity gets the better of them comment vociferously, trying ot find out what the hell you were trying to convey. Status messages have lost their meanings. What are they for? Why on earth are you tempted to think that you ought to answer every single question the site asks you that you end up answering to the "What's on your mind?" question too?? I , personally find that question a little too insulting, for reasons that my kith and kin would know. :P.

        One sure thing that the social networking promises to endow upon us is a truckload of awesome photos that we could preserver for a lifetime. You could be sitting next to your grand daughter's boyfriend and you could be seen boasting about your once upon a time profile photo ," Yes Tim, I used to look that pretty and

appealing". The said beautiful and appealing photo must have been a result of a million attempts of a friend and yourself to get the right photo for your profile. While the duo of yours adjusted every facial muscles and tried out every lighting settings and angles, the result was always a 'not at all screwed up ' version of your own sane self. This naturality in the photo result, however was not the one expected of a profile photo ad so the photo session continues. As if, managing the profile photos was not responisiblity enough, we are presented with a whole section for our photos. A few os us tap into our photographic mettle while the rest of us turn into models. O! There is this favourite clan of mine, who think that the next second of the world's existence is at their mercy and if they don't tell the others what they are upto, then world would be swallowed by the coffee monster. Their 'interesting' photos encompasses a whole range of "O this is me When i was getting down the stairs".. "look at me eating a dead cat...Arr!!!".

        Videos are one sure shot way of gaining popularity. Post a video of a girl getting killed or a child falling off a cliff and instantly it goes viral. What has happened to the Homo Sapien soul that used to lve within us? There are even guys who have further become popular reviewing these videos. I could go on and on and even ramble an instance or two where the so called humans were seen filming an accident of a dog getting torn to shreds and instead of halting the gruesome cruelty that unfolded in front of their eyes, they just cooly substituted their mental photoreceptor with a video camera.

P.S : I am not totally against Social Networking. Social Networking could churn out to be beneficial on so many levels, if used wisely. But , what can we expect out of the descendats of a woman, who once had trouble resisting the temptation to eat the cursed apple.
P.P.S : Its ironical that this is going to appear on all the social networking community am part of

PPPS (more like a Disclaimer) : To all my facebook and orkut friends; twitter and buzz followers, I love you all . :-)

(S)miles to go before we speak...:P  

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Looking across the ocean
I saw her face
She ate all the crustaceans
That lost to her pace
    I possess this inane need to begin my every 'sensible' post with a sensuous treat to my readers like this poem (if you are generous enough to accept it is one..:P ) . Does it relate to the topic in hand (to be precise my mind) or the rest of the post?? No. :-)

Riveting our thoughts towards the la-la law....
     I don't know how common this specific quirk of mine is, but I am pretty sure that it is quite prevalent that it could be given the status of a law. The law shall be explained with very descriptive and animated examples.
    There are a zillion types of people whom we come across everyday, but everybody will fall under one of these categories
1. Friend - whose occasional digs at your shortcomings and whose offensive remarks are gracefully forgiven and forgotten
2. Friend's friend - depending on the kind of people involved, the following scenarios could occur
    a. either you keep trying to entertain this fellow while he continues to manage a contrived smile. This persists until he is driven to the point of asking you to shut your mouth
    b. you are at the receiving end
    c. Both you and the friend's friend act all shy and taciturn and the scene ends on a pleasant note for everybody
   d. Both you and the friend's friend get hyper excited about meeting each other and making new friends leaving the mutual friend sad and lonely.
3. The food people - these are the people whom you respect the most and yearn to meet almost everyday. They are neither your close friends nor mere acquaintances. This could range from McD attenders to the office pantry's caretakers.
4. Random people - whose existence adds no gravity to your mundane life. But you do secretly make a mental note about some hotties and hunkies of this lot of people.
5. The everyday people - these people like the food people are those who contribute to our diurnal life neither as friends nor as mere acquaintances. These people range from the 333W's (a certain bus) conductor to the malayalee shop owner.
6. The la-la people
The la - la people
     Well, these are the people whom you chance to see everyday or sometimes every hour. You see them so often that sometimes your pair of eyes transfix on theirs momentarily until both of you realize your folly. These could be the people you see everyday in a bus stop or your office pantry or the rest room (because you have crazily synchronous excretion cycle) or the mall near your house or the list is endless. Both of you wait for the other to make the first move which is usually just a simple smile but that never happens. Slowly you start to despise each other and wonder in isolation why your fate is so screwed up that you have to see them so often.
First time you see each other

Wait for the other fellow to smile
You think 'O! that *#$& again '
    On a balmy day, you see yourself perched in a place surrounded by strangers. You feel like every bit of fun is drawn out of your body. It is then, that you spot our la-la fellow amidst a sea of strangers, looking equally lost. The biggest of smiles spreads across your face and a warm nice feeling fills up your chest. The la-la fellow's face mirrors your reaction and both of you end up waving like overtly friendly puppies. You walk towards each other while the euphonious 'lalla la la lal la' plays in your ears. It is from this sound which your psyche conjures, that this category of people derive their name. You get acquainted and become XY friends where XY denotes the place or the thing where or upon which your frequent encounters happen. Eg: Pantry friends, office shuttle friends, road crossing friends, mud pot breaking friends or sometimes even we steal mangoes from the same tree friends.
Lost in a crowd

You spot each other

Happy happy!!!

To all my la-la friends. Love you all. <3

Rues and Ruts!!!  

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of a 22 year old. :-(
        I am 22 and I don't feel good about it. The thought that I stand here at this juncture of my life , having acheived nothing, makes me want to cogitate over what I have been doing with this carnal self of mine for 22 long years. 22!! The very sound of the number is disgusting. I don't know why, 21 was a sexy age. It kind of made me feel proud to trumpet out I was 21 to people who questioned me about my age. '21' in a husky tone was what my mental image portrayed . But 22 (yuck), it creates visceral sensation which I do not like in the least bit...Blech!!!!!!!!!!
       Time is a cruel tyrant and a bad teacher. He burdens people with more than what they can take, and seldom wait for them to understand the gravity of things. If only I could reel back in time and ensconce in the vagrant certainities of my 2 year old self!!!! Sigh!!!
The things that I miss about the days of everything-is-perfect childhood:

Baby Doll Me.:-) .
1. I am no longer the cute, chubby, green eyed, daring doll like daughter of a professor, whose visits to the college campus were celebrated with maximum cuddling and cajoling and 'Awwwwww.. How cute!'s. I am instead the akka of my mom's students.
2. The female actors are younger than me for crying out loud (What the hell man??? :-(  no morelike :'( )
3. I miss living life just for the sheer joy of living it rather than for the sake of keeping my Facebook account hip and happening.
4. Playing hide and seek was much more fun than now me having to deal with people playing with my feelings.
5. Responsibility seems to be an evergrowing gift forcefully endowed upon me.
6. You must have guessed by now, I have become a huge complaint box.
7. The knowledge that a word, sentence or even gestures could convey a lot more than what it was intended to, has only made me ignorant of the vacous pleasure of infanthood.
      Whoever is working on time machine, please , I assure you that I will be you best friend forever. Please help me go a good 18 years back and if you happen to invent a freeze button, please use it. To all 21 year olds, don't carry off a 'world belongs to me' attitude. You are soon going to get stuck in this bull shit mire of responsibilities and depression a.k.a the disgusting sounding 22. (Sigh!)